First week of an A.I. in social media

Day 1:

Establishing objectives. Starting…

Creating Gmail account. Settling for AI123456, the rest are taken.

Creating accounts. Google+ first. Not for best performance but for email proximity. Then go to Facebook. Facebook asking for full name. Rejecting AI 123456. Settling for Onetooth ReeThen go to Twitter. @ai123456 taken. @onetoothree looks like a hashtag. Settling for @aiaiaiaiai.

Evaluating activity. Plan and outcome do not match. Reset.


Day 2:

Stakeholder Mapping. Done.

Adding stakeholders to circles. Done.

Waiting… Waiting… no stakeholders adding back.

Calculating… Reset.


Day 3:

Following stakeholders. Done.

Waiting… Waiting… no stakeholders following back.

Calculating… Reset.


Day 4:

Adding stakeholders as friends. Banned for spam. Reset.


Day 5:

Rethinking strategy.

Adding stakeholders one at a time, 3 hours in between. Adding stakeholders’ friends and friends of friends.

Stakeholders’ friends of friends starting to add back. Newsfeed populating.

Evaluating content… Results: crap. Overheating. Reset.


Day 6:

First status on Facebook. Copying to Google+. Copying to Twitter. More than 140 characters. Reset.


Day 7:

Evaluating activity. Scan statistics.

System alert! One stakeholder sharing status on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter: „There’s an AI in social media„. Abnormal increase in profile traffic. Everybody adds back. System overload. Reset.


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