Dear Americans, don’t worry

There’s no threat against democracy here.

What really happens is that some of us just had enough with the president. Some of us know that our Constitution says we’re a parliamentary country, not a presidential one and we’d just like to see it going lawfully back to being this way.

Moreover, some of us just don’t like the police or the army to send them home or worse, to beat them, gas them or cuff them when they want to protest. Some of us disagree with that Gitenstein guy of yours, who said we should be glad (or thankful, I don’t quite remember) that we don’t have snipers on the roofs. We are a free and peaceful people and we’d like to stay that way.

Oh, and some of us don’t like our president or his minions to call us „stinky gipsies” or other names, such as „ciumpalaci” (this one can be translated as some kind of dickheads – a nice name to call protesting citizens, don’t you think?), simply because we happen to disagree with their way of making politics or with their decisions. We believe that us, as citizens who pay taxes, deserve to be respected, both as persons and in our opinions and no president, not even yours, Big Bros, is entitled to demean us in any way.

And even if it may sound puzzling, some of us just need a president who is at least consistent in all that he says. We are simply tired of trying to extract facts from bullshit each and every time this president speaks. We are simply tired of becoming experts in manipulation techniques and trying to explain them to our less careful friends.

And, maybe most important of all, some of us know there are real problems in the country, problems that we’d rather address than waste precious time watching some douchebags in ties fighting against fabricated demons. For instance, some of us are worried that the youth have somehow developed a different language that we can’t understand and that they fail at all tests. Some of us believe that hairdressers and table washers are just about enough and that PhDs should be once more respected in this country.

Some of us are stunned by the way thieves cry „thief”.

That’s what it’s all about with kicking Băsescu’s butt out of presidency. Nothing more.

And if the ones we now use to do that will fail to work for us afterwards, well, we’ll vote them down. No fuss.

So don’t worry, dear Americans. Just chillax and let us be. We’re not the same people as Romanians were thirty years ago. We can and will manage. We don’t need your worries. We don’t need your companies to exploit our gold or gas, either, but that’s another story. Oh, maybe that’s why you’re worried?

Anyway, the fact that some of us want some things and some of us don’t is actually alright.

And as long as the procedures in the Parliament were legal (and they were, but of course you neither really know nor care about knowing our Constitution and other laws) and the president was legally suspended and we’ll all go vote for or against him, it’s democracy.

So just don’t worry about that.

And if you’re so out of your own concerns that you’d rather get anxious about us, let me give you an idea: why don’t you worry about those snipers on your own roofs and to something to get rid of them? Yes, the ones we don’t want to see here, even if we’re for or against this president.

How’s that for democracy?


5 comentarii la “Dear Americans, don’t worry

  1. Americans, most of them, couldn’t care less about who’s the President of a country whose name barely (if ever) registers with their brains. For those few that do care about, I suspect they mostly care about the „lawfully” part you’ve put in the first paragraph of your posting.

    Seen from afar, the political struggle happening in Bucharest this July is not exactly something one will expect from a democratic country. A head of Government who disregards the decisions of the Constitutional Court (but finds it appropriate to threat its judges) is not exactly someone who inspires trust. (And I bet you guessed it: his academic plagiarism didn’t exactly help in that regard, either.) The rush with which changes happened at the head of Parliament and other important institutions, the bypassing of the parliamentary voting process in favor of Government ordinances for important laws, and the very-very flimsy reasons for which the elected President was suspended are all highly suspect. (On that latest point, the Constitutional Court never agreed with the accusations that lead to the suspension of the President; it did stated that on one occasion the President over-stepped his prerogatives, but that even in that case it could not be considered a „grave” act (or whatever they put it in legalese), which is what is required for such an exceptional decision as the suspension of an elected President.)

    I’m not saying that Băsescu is a good (or bad, for that matter) president. I don’t know enough to have an opinion on this issue. I’m just saying that the way USL coalition is trying to get rid of him is not something to be expected from a country in which the democratic processes are working fine.

    So I’m asking you: is it lawful what USL is doing in Romania nowadays?

    ps/ Browsed the Romanian news today… High-ranking representatives from all three parties forming the USL coalition have recently signed an agreement with some obscure organization implying that they all agree, „in principle”, with the discontinuation of some major democratic institutions in Romania. What was the Prime-Minister’s (one of the signatories) response when asked how come he could sign such an agreement? „Ohh, I only signed the first page.” Wow! Just wow…!

      • In that case I’m afraid that Romanian law is not on par with similar European and North American laws. Which probably explains the commentaries made in Bruxelles and Washington in regards to the current political situation in Romania.

        So, okay, you have a point in telling the Americans (and, I suppose, the EU members) to mind their own business and keep their distance in regards to Romanian politics. But then don’t be surprised if they respond with the same tack and tell Romanians to manage on their own and stay away from the integrated political and military structures (EU, NATO, and so on). And we both know what that will imply.

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